Final visit of the season
The marble gallery.
Fort, Tilbury, Essex, RM18
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Tilbury Fort
Coalhouse Fort
Watergate Entrance - Tilbury Fort with the Jacobite memorial in front.
The 17th -century ravelin, drawbridges and the inner moat. A ravelin is a triangular fortification or detached outwork, located in front of a inner fortress. Originally called a demi-lune, after the lunette. French ‘lunette - little moon’. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
Our final visit on 24th September to Knole House, Seven Oaks, Kent
Early 18th -century copper doors on the magazines
Bernard de Gomme’s original plan for the redesigned fort, 1670
Late 18th -century cannon on the bastion walls.
A Mark V quick-firing 12-pounder, 12 cwt gun on the south-eastern curtain.
A few photographs taken my our members
View into inner walled garden
The gatehouse
IFHAS visit to Coalhouse and Tilbury Forts
Still looks wet out here!
What a lovely view!