IFHAS Programme 2021/22
Kentwell Hall - Long Melford - Suffolk. C10 9BA
Knole House and Gardens - Seven Oaks, Kent, TN15 0RP
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Examples of our visits during the year
6th July The Great Fire of London and the Fire Courts Anne Wightman Zoom19.00 hrs. 3rd August Lady Jane Gray and her sisters Zoom 19.00 hrs Kate Davis 7th September The Victorian Music Hall Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Norman Jacobs Plus Zoom 5th October Kingdom of SEaXe Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Julian Whybra Plus Zoom 2nd November The Home Guard of Essex Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Neil Wiffin Plus Zoom 7th December Some Local History + Christmas Bash Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Robert Fletcher Plus Zoom No meeting January 1st February 2022 Richard Pusey. Arthur Phillip and The First Fleet. Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Plus Zoom 1st March Anglo European Essay Presentation Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Plus Zoom 5th April Flash Bang Wallop! Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Pat and Barbara Elliot Plus Zoom 3rd May AGM + Quiz Parish Room 19.30 Hrs. Plus Zoom